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 Find the happiest place on Earth and fall head over heels for the vibrant culture and mind-blowing adventures with a luxury holiday to Latin America. Offering wildly varied cities and landscapes where you can take in the pristine sands of Costa Rica on one of many beach holidays in South America, explore the mesmerising Maya ruins in Mexico, the breathtaking Andes in Chile and the awe-inspiring wildlife of the Galápagos in Ecuador.   

A land of passion, culture and heritage ,a luxury holiday in South America makes an excellent choice for a tailor-made holiday of a lifetime. From its sensational carnivals to driving across South America on epic road trips, its tropical rainforests and towering glaciers to its cosmopolitan cities and barefoot luxury jungle lodges – there’s no chance of running out of thrilling experiences when it comes to luxury travel in Latin America. The continent seems to have a bottomless capacity to surprise you with any number of mind-blowing moments, from the roaring thunder of the Iguazú Falls on a family holiday to South America, to watching an impassioned tango dance in Buenos Aires and treading in the footsteps of the Incas in Peru’s Sacred Valley. Luxury holidays in Latin America is all about the special touches and our Travel Designers can have you preparing ceviche with the finest chefs in Lima tracing the wake of Darwin and co. along the legendary Beagle Channel in Argentina. Get in touch to start planning your luxury holiday in South America.

12-14 days Dec-Mar


Vibrant, vast and varied. Argentina beckons with its horizon-broadening adventures. A natural wonderland; you can sunbathe on ice, hike through ancient rainforests, scale the snow-capped Andes and observe penguins up close.

10 - 14 days Nov-Mar


Pastel-hued beachside villages, charming 16th-century colonial towns and magnificent metropolises. When you think of Brazil, it’s hard not to conjure up images of its iconic Carnival.

12-14 days Oct-Mar


The spine of South America, Chile's long and narrow shape is never wider than 150 miles. Yet in Chile you can explore one of the world’s most unique treasures, roam amongst giants on Easter Island, stroll vineyards & spend days lost in nature.


Luxury Latin America holiday & honeymoon ideas

12 days Dec-Mar
The wilds of northern Argentina

Argentina is infused with an intensity unlike anywhere else and we’ll take you to the country’s north, where its passionate undercurrent is at its most raw. With full-bodied wines in Mendoza the crashing Iguazú Falls and impassioned tango routines in Buenos Aires, this journey ensures you see Argentine fervour at its height – in all its many guises.

10 days Nov-Mar
Behind the scenes in Brazil

Revel in the vibrancy of Brazil, a country steeped in history, offering world-renowned nightlife, magnificent shorelines, and awe-inspiring scenery.    

13 days May-Oct
Peru: In the footsteps of the Incas

Peru is a destination which has enthralled its visitors for decades. On this trip you’ll spend thirteen incredible days discovering the wonders of southern Peru before reaching the majestic site of Machu Picchu, the jewel of the Incas.

13 days Dec-Mar
A journey through Southern Patagonia, Argentina & Chile

From the wonderful sights of Buenos Aires, you’ll travel to Ushuaia, the southernmost city before Antarctica, where you’ll discover the natural beauty of Cerro Alarkén Natural Reserve.

14 days Nov-Mar
Brazil: Welcome to the jungle

In Brazil the further west you go, the wilder the landscapes get. This trip is a journey through Brazil's very own wild west (the emerald-coated variety), where you'll wrap yourself in dense jungle, waterfalls and natural splendour.

18 days May-Oct
Sacred Incas and wild Amazon of Peru

The Inca empire is far more than just Machu Picchu and Peru is far more than the Incas. This trip takes you far beyond the iconic citadel to showcase a much more varied chunk of Peru’s treasures. Skip from Lima to Cusco and the Sacred Valley to deep in the Peruvian Amazon, exploring by road, rail and boat for an adventure Hiram Bingham would be proud of.

12 days Dec-Apr
Iconic Costa Rica

This journey takes you on a luxury voyage showcasing the best of Costa Rica. You will stay in diverse and beautiful surroundings including a unique local coffee plantation, the imposing Arenal Volcano National Park, and moments from the picturesque beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula.

12 days Oct-Mar
Chile: Nature uncovered

Showcasing the highlights of Chile’s evocative and bewitching landscapes, spend eleven remarkable nights immersed in Chilean culture and the beauty of mother nature. Experience the iconic Atacama Desert, the dynamic capital city Santiago and breathtaking Torres del Paine National Park.

14 days All year round
Best of Brazil

This itinerary includes three of Brazil's most famous cities, Rio De Janeiro, jungle-meets-modern-metropolis Manaus and Brazil’s spirited city of All Saints, Salvador along with time to experience the sights and sounds of the Amazonian Rainforest.


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