Take a trip back to the time of one of mankind’s greatest empires, as we help you explore Italy just as the Romans built it, their legacy still tightly woven in the country’s fabric.

The mighty Roman Empire lasted over a thousand years and has left an indelible imprint on today’s modern society. This trip takes you right to the empire’s core in Rome, where you’ll not only see signature creations like the mighty Colosseum but delve deeper into the myths and legends of its founding, citizens and the renowned Caesars. You’ll explore the Roman Forum, where they largely ruled the Roman Empire from, and the many Roman myths that enshroud Capitoline Hill.

Move south to sun-soaked Sorrento and the iconic Amalfi Coast where more Roman legacies abound. Explore the history and heritage of the great archaeological towns of Pompeii and Herculanean – both of which offer a fascinating insight into how Roman towns may have looked and operated – before seeing Italy’s coastline at its best as you marvel at the pretty cliff-clinging towns of Positano and Ravello along the Amalfi Coast. Wind up your adventure in the most appropriate way on the fashionable island of Capri, which was once the playground of choice for Roman emperors. Over two thousand years on hasn’t lost a single inch of its glamour.

Length: 12 days
Best time to visit: May to October
Price: From £5,250pp


  • View one of the most iconic attractions in Rome, the Colosseum. Your guide will shed light on what really happened in this great stadium, where it’s commonly thought many bloody battles between gladiators took place (spoiler alert: this wasn’t often the case).
  • Visit the renowned Capitoline Museum, which feature the Capitoline wolf statue. This statue displays the two founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, suckling on the she-wolf who rescued them.
  • Explore Capitoline Hill, where some of the best myths of the Roman era can be seen, including the Tarpeian Rock and the legend of the Temple of Capitoline Jupiter.
  • Tour the Roman Forum and learn about how senators and the Caesars plotted their way to power and also the myths surrounding the assassination of Julius Caesar.


  • Pompeii is one of the world’s greatest archaeological sites. Such is its fame you might feel half-introduced already but with your experienced private guide you’ll unpick some of the secret history that enshrouds this legendary town.
  • Often overlooked, the ruins of Herculaneum are a worthy visit to give you an insight into how a wealthy and prosperous Roman town might have looked like and operated.
  • Visit the coastal town of Positano, the jewel in the Amalfi Coast’s crown.
  • Explore the landscaped gardens of Ravello, one of the Amalfi Coast’s best-kept secrets which offer some of the most dramatic views over the Gulf of Naples.


• Stay at one of the most exclusive islands in the Mediterranean, the isle of Capri. Formerly the summer residence for the Caesars, its present-day version is a chic resort.


Maison La Minervetta, Sorrento

Dramatically clinging to granite cliffs, Maison La Minervetta is one of Sorrento's hippest seaside retreats. It possesses some of the finest views in the area, with the sea-facing rooms almost feeling like they're hovering over the water and whose giant picture windows offer cinematic panoramas of the Bay of Naples and the unmistakable volcanic cone of Vesuvius. The hotel itself embodies its coastal setting, feeling very Mediterranean and nautical in its style with a colour palette of bright whites, reds and blues (often employed à la deckchair stripes).


Sina Bernini Bristol, Rome

Lording over the cobbled Piazza Barberini and with the dome of St. Peter's Basilica in the distance, the Sina Bernini Bristol can lay claim to one of the best spots in Rome. Plenty of celebrities and royalty have thought so over the years and since it opened in 1870, the likes of John D. Rockefeller and Queen Elizabeth II have stayed there. A contemporary chic undercurrent fuses with antique tapestries, period furnishings and Murano glass chandeliers that pay homage to its historic status.


Caesar Augustus, Capri

Named after the legendary Roman ruler, the Caesar Augustus is fit for any emperor (it is the former residence of a Russian prince, after all). Sitting on a cliff edge, the hotel seamlessly marries grand interiors with an unpretentiousness, decorated with heirlooms and antiques collected over the years by the current owners, the Signorini family. But it’s the epic panoramas you’ll fall in love with (and the reason why so many Roman leaders came to Capri to relax), with sweeping views of the island and the Bay of Naples, Mount Vesuvius and Ischia beyond.


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