One of Europe’s greatest conquerors and military minds, Alexander the Great is as legendary as they come. Accompanied by expert guides and historians, you’ll trace his former stomping ground across Turkey.

Follow in the footsteps of his army, starting at Granicus, heading south along the Ionian Coast and ending in Kuşadasi as well as spending time in Istanbul. In search of the end of the world, Alexander battled the Persians after subduing the rebellious Greeks. As a result, he built one of the largest empires of the ancient world and earned a place in history as a legend. Despite an uncertain claim to the throne, Alexander set out to reclaim the lost Greek territories of his ancestors and liberate the region of Asia Minor from King Darius III. Between 334 and 333BC, Alexander experienced some of his most memorable moments, including the crossing of the Hellespont and the defining Battle of Granicus, as well as the defiant cities Aspendus and Termessus.

In this journey through time, we’ll learn more about Alexander’s personality and the people who lived in his tumultuous world. During this tour you’ll explore one of the seven wonders of the world, trace his voyage on the Dardanelles Strait, explore ruins in Alexander’s metropolis of Militus, as well as beautiful temples at Assos, Ephesus, and Priene. Archaeology and culture are intertwined for this legendary holiday, just like the man himself.

Length: 10 days
Best time to visit: April to June; September to October
Price: £5,995pp


  • Enjoy an after-hours private guided visit to Istanbul’s outstanding Archaeology Museum. Peruse the riches recovered from across Turkey without the crowds, including the impressively decorated Alexander Sarcophagus. Each of its sides depicts a battle King Alexander faced, exquisite examples of Hellenistic art.
  • Explore Topkapi Palace, built by Sultan Mehmed II after his army stormed and conquered Constantinople (soon to be known as Istanbul) in 1453. His model for ruling over his empire was Alexander the Great, it is said that he had his courtiers read portions of a Greek biography of the Macedonian conqueror to him every day. The book is still in the Topkapi library.
  • Go beyond the tourist trail of the Grand Bazaar, meeting the country’s ancient artisans. As an added bonus, you’ll also access some of the secret rooftop viewing points that can only be accessed by those in the know, including the roofs around the iconic rooftop chase scene in the James Bond film Skyfall.


  • Visit the battlefield of Granicus, where Alexander the Great won a resounding victory (the first of three) against the Persians, paving the way for his conquest of Anatolia. Your expert guide will reveal the stories behind the critical importance of this battle and the different ancient records of Alexander’s tactics.
  • Wander the ruins of Troy, the scene of the triumph of Alexander’s personal hero, Achilles, and to which he made a special personal pilgrimage on his way to conquer the Persian Empire. He later granted Troy special status within his empire that continued into the period of Roman rule.
  • Visit Canakkale, the narrowest point on the Dardanelles Strait and a launchpad for some of history’s most ambitious characters. Alexander used the Dardanelles to begin one of history’s great conquests and never again set foot on European soil.
  • Cross over to the Gallipoli Peninsula and the ancient ruin of Assos, the former where Europe and Asia stand almost as one and the spot where Alexander  offered sacrifice at the cusp of Asia. The latter city was founded from 1,000-900 BC by Aeolian colonists from Lesbos and the home of Alexander’s tutor, the philosopher Aristotle.


  • Visit the multilayered cultural landscape of Pergamon with Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman structures. It was the capital of the Ionian kingdom, founded by Alexander the Great, and is now a vast archaeological site, with the Asclepion and Red Basilica among its iconic sights.
  • Discover the richly filled city of Ephesus, which welcomed Alexander’s troops with open arms. Your guide will walk you through this forgotten world, diving into one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Temple of Artemis, burned down at the moment of Alexander’s birth and begun anew at the end of his reign.
  • We’ll explore an Ionian Trinity of ancient Greek cities: Priene, an almost perfectly preserved Greek city left much as it was when Alexander was here; Miletus, besieged by Alexander, with its now landlocked port’s battered defensive walls and castle; and Didyma with its Sacred Way, the road that connected Miletus to the Temple and oracle of Apollo which, after its destruction by the Persians, was rebuilt by Alexander.

Adahan DeComondo Pera, Istanbul

Originally an elegant townhouse built in 1874 for the wealthy Comondo family, the Adahan DeComondo Pera has been expertly restored to look as good as it did back then. The hotel’s communal areas are adorned with elegant murals splashed across the walls and ceilings, while the fresh, modern rooms offer a contemporary counterpunch. Resting in Istanbul’s Beyoglu district, the hotel is close to some of the city’s best restaurants and nightlife.


Doubletree by Hilton, Çanakkale

Slap bang in the centre of Canakkale and overlooking the glittering waters of the Dardanelles Strait, the Doubletree by Hilton is comfortable and classy in equal measure. You’re not far from some of the city’s main sights like the Archaeological Museum, Cimenlik Kalesi and the Mirrored Bazaar. The hotel offers plenty of relaxation, too, with indoor and outdoor pools and a traditional Turkish hammam.


Ida Blue, Mount Ida

Like a rustic village hidden away on Mount Ida, Ida Blue is Turkish countryside living at its most idyllic. Spread across a trio of Greek stone houses, each of Ida Blue’s nine rooms are named after herbs grown in the hotel’s garden and used in its farm-to-fork cuisine. Slow living permeates every facet of your stay and Ida Blue’s excellent range of guided range offer a charming way to discover the surrounding region, from Jeep safaris around Mount Ida to exploring the history of olive oil on guided nature walks.


La Vista, Kusadasi

Snagging a serene spot over the glittering Aegean Sea, La Vista Boutique Hotel & Spa is one of the best places to base yourself in the popular coastal resort of Kusadasi. It's tricky to find somewhere in Kusadasi that feels blissfully unaware of the lively hubbub around it but, dressed all in white and with fewer than forty rooms, La Vista manages it with aplomb. Inside, a glamorous Provençal design and French Regency-style furniture await you in each of the rooms, all of which face outwards for those stupendous sea views.


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