When you think of a luxury holiday in Mexico, you’ll likely conjure visions of dream-like beaches lined with swaying palms and sugar-white shores that meet crystal-clear azure waters.

Yet there is so much more to this richly diverse Latin American nation than just a beach holiday in Mexico – although our favourite is found in the Yucatan province that shares its border with Belize 

Luxury travel in Mexico can be moulded to however you like your holidays. Thrill-seekers chase the buzz with climbing, zip-lining and biking in Copper Canyon, hiking through cloud forests or exploring the cenote caves before plunging into secret groundwater pools. Cultural enthusiasts can lose themselves in the mesmerising Mayan pyramids at Chichén Itzá, the charming colonial magic of Taxco or the vibrant art scene of Mexico City. Surfers rush to the Pacific Coast where from Baja to Oaxaca there’s terrific waves to ride. Quintana Roo is the ultimate spot on a family holiday in Mexico to snorkel amongst the rich rainbow coloured fish, sea lions and green turtles and diving to the underwater museum in Cancun is a Mexico itinerary highlight.  

Much like the Mexican people, Mexican food is at the heart of any tailor-made holiday in Mexico. With distinctly regional dishes, each province has mouthwatering delights to sample. Oaxaca is renowned for its seven moles (quintessential Mexican sauce); Yucatán is known for its outrageously good cochinita pibil (roast pork marinated in achiote and sour orange); Poblano’s iconic dish chiles capones (cheese-stuffed chiles) is indulgent and spicy; and Baja serves up the most delicious ceviches and seafood tacos – all of which can be washed down with the finest agave liquors or aguas fresca (sweet fruity or floral drinks).

Be it a luxury honeymoon in Mexico, bucket-list group getaway or wellness escape; Mexico delivers time and time again.  

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