Our Positive Future Fund

Our mission at SevenTravel is to design luxury milestone trips which help lift the lives of future generations. We want to harness the power of travel to give back which is why we’ve created our charitable, Positive Future Fund.

With so many incredible causes, we went to the core of SevenTravel to identify the areas we care most deeply about and feel we can make a genuine positive impact in. Aligning ourselves to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we have chosen to focus on quality education, decent work and economic growth and life on land.

This mean that for every holiday you book with us, we will donate £50 per person which will go towards supporting our chosen charities that advance our mission. Read on to learn more about each of the charity partners and the positive impact they’re having across communities and conservation.


Go Beyond  |  Project Rhino  |  Upaya Social Ventures
About Go Beyond

Go Beyond is a charity for children. Children who have been bereaved, abused or bullied, who are living in poverty or caring for loved ones, are given the chance to escape their worries and pressures at its two centres in Derbyshire and Cornwall. It has been their mission for thirty years to offer children aged 8-15 years a change of environment, guaranteed fun, and a chance to be children again. Formerly known as CHICKS, Go Beyond was founded by two Devon teachers, John and Paula Vaughn. Whilst the charity was small, the vision was big.

Under the wide-open skies of their centre in Derbyshire, and the soothing waves near their centre in Cornwall, children arrive on a Go Beyond Break with the weight of the world on their shoulders and leave knowing that there is more in their future than their day-to-day struggles. Go Beyond helps children grow in confidence through a week of outdoor adventure, friendship, and support; giving them a break from challenges they faced in their everyday lives.

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The vision

Go Beyond’s vision is to inspire children to go beyond anything that stands between them and their brightest future.

The mission

Go Beyond’s mission is to give children and young people a break…that lasts a lifetime.

A break that encourages belief and inspires adventure. A break that nurtures dreams and drives positivity. A break that gives them the moments they need to believe in themselves and think beyond the day-to-day for a bigger, brighter future.

The impact

Since 1992, Go Beyond has given over 16,844 children a break away from their serious circumstances.

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Coming on two Go Beyond respite breaks has made a huge difference to my life because as a child I was able to develop vital social skills, cognitive skills, physical skills, and the ability to learn new things in a safe, happy environment surrounded by inspiring adults. My self-confidence also developed and meant that once I was back home, I had the confidence to join a netball team outside school.


*Names  have been changed to protect identities

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About Project Rhino

Project Rhino is an association of leading conservation agencies, state and community game reserves, rhino owners and anti-poaching specialists working together to conserve South Africa’s wildlife.

Project Rhino facilitates rhino conservation interventions aimed at eliminating rhino poaching and securing the white and black rhino populations of KwaZulu-Natal.  The members of Project Rhino recognise that the work in conserving and protecting rhinos from the threat of poaching is symbolic of the broader threat faced by all wildlife and that all wildlife will benefit from actions taken by Project Rhino.  The association is also aware that the poaching of rhino is symptomatic of the overall, bigger environmental crises facing South Africa and its neighbours.

The vision

Project Rhino dream of both White and Black rhino species thriving in KwaZulu-Natal and far beyond – forever free, forever secure from poaching, well managed and protected. They honour their uniqueness as one of the primary icons of Africa’s great wilderness areas.

The mission

Project Rhino strive to protect the world’s last remaining African rhino species, so that tomorrow they will still continue to play their vital role in our continent’s irreplaceable and beautiful ecosystems, contributing to an ever-growing realization of our fundamental reliance on the natural environment (and ALL its elements) for our very basic needs.

The impact

In 2021 Project Rhino celebrated 10 years and in that time they have achieved:

  • Raised close to R30 million for conservation activities like ranger training, equipment and security projects.
  • Together with partners like Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and WESSA Lowveld, they founded the dedicated ZAP-Wing and K9 anti-poaching units based in Hluhluwe, to provide immediate response to the world’s second largest remaining black and white rhino populations in Zululand.
  • In collaboration with the Kingsley Holgate Foundation, & the Rhino Art – Let Our Children’s Voices Be Heard team have reached more than 600,000 youth with their conservation message.
  • Over the last 18, in response to COVID-19 they have helped to deliver more than 1.8 million meals to impacted wildlife communities.
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To combat poaching threats, Project Rhino takes a four pillar approach: Stakeholder Coordination, Ranger and Technical Support, Education and Engagement, and Wild Economy and Enterprise. Project Rhino’s holistic approach means that they undertake a variety of activities including a K9 anti-poaching unit, aerial patrol wing, dehorning programme, youth camps and community leadership development.

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About Upaya Social Ventures

Upaya identifies early-stage businesses that have the greatest potential to create jobs for people living in extreme poverty.  Upaya invests in and partners with those companies to help them grow their businesses so that they can provide more dignified, sustainable jobs that lift families out of poverty.

The vision

Upaya envision a world where everyone has the opportunity to earn a dignified living and pursue their dreams. They believe in a hand-up, not a hand-out, and that access to sustainable, dignified jobs can be the bridge from poverty to prosperity.

The mission

Upaya’s mission is to create dignified jobs for people living in extreme poverty by building scalable businesses with investment and consulting support.

The impact

Upaya has been operating for over 10 years and in that time they have:

  • Created over 22,000 dignified jobs to lift families out of poverty. 
  • Accelerated 66 companies 
  • Invested in 28 early-stage enterprises
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“With this work I earn some money to fund my children’s studies… I want my daughter to study and become something.”

Shamli, Lal10 Artisan


Watch the video below to hear Shamil’s story and how not just her life, but her family’s life has changed for the better.

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