The art of slow travel: experience the world at a slower pace

Train ride Kandy Ella through lush
Scenic train ride in Sri Lanka

With our ethos of staying longer, connecting deeper and travelling less often, we are champions of slow travel here at SevenTravel.

This past year has given us pause for thought and the time to consider why it is we travel in the first place. Ticking off your bucket list may be satisfying but are we really getting the emotional benefits an immersive experience can offer if we’re rushing from one experience to the next? Leaving time for reflection can have many benefits, including a renewed perspective, deeper level of understanding, and greater appreciation.

What is slow travel?

Slow travel is born out of the idea that travel should be emotionally impactful, sustainable and with an emphasis on local connection; slow travel is about focusing on the quality of your experiences rather than the quantity of them. When you opt to travel slowly, you can expect to come away truly knowing a destination deeply, not just the typical tourist traps. Whilst the concept of slow travel is not new, in the post-pandemic world it couldn’t feel anymore relevant for travel in 2022, as we look to longer, once-in-a-lifetime trips for a chance to reconnect with loved ones in a new place on a holiday designed to get you under the skin of your destination.

Luxury Road Trip Holidays - SevenTravel
Self-drive road trips in the USA

At SevenTravel we believe it’s important to approach trips in a way that gives you space and time to enjoy the sights, sounds and flavours of a destination — and ultimately; get to the essence of a place, its people and culture. We design all our tailor-made holidays with this mindset and it’s the reason we specialise in trips that are ten or more days. By allowing yourself to slip seamlessly into the pace of another culture and take the time to really live in the moment, you will connect much deeper with the place and your travel companions resulting in some remarkable life-long memories.

Whale watching in Iceland

Travelling with this mindset also allows for a more sustainably focused approach. Something we firmly believe can still go hand-in-hand with a luxury holiday. Whether that is travelling off-season or suggesting newer, up and coming destinations, you can ensure when you travel with us, we will suggest experiences that are responsible without compromising on luxury. This regenerative form of travel allows overcrowded destinations some relief, benefits destinations in recovery after Covid giving their economy a much-needed boost and allows you more space to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Ready to embrace the relaxed paced of slow travel? Get in touch with us today and we can create a longer, slower holiday, completely tailored to you.