Five reasons why Namibia deserves to be on your travel list

Namibia is the perfect post-pandemic destination with open landscapes as far as you can see, low numbers of visitors and pristine wilderness. A country with just under 1,200km of Atlantic coastline clashing in parts with the incredible red dunes of the Namib Desert, a country that bears the marks of millions of years of the Earth splitting, twisting and reshaping.

Namibia is like nowhere you’ve been before. It’s a country of superlatives and a stark, raw beauty that’s quietly poetic and exhilarating at the same time. This is a country whose topography naturally encourages slow, mindful travel. If a luxury safari has been on your list for a while and then here is why you should move Namibia to the top of your list.

No crowds


Namibia is one of the least populated countries on Earth, with the whole country having less than a third of the population of London. The country is relatively undiscovered still with its neighbour South Africa often in the tourism limelight, but this low of visitors means it’s your gain, as you can explore its private conservancies without any crowds. Namibia is somewhere you can embrace the feeling of exclusivity and isolation.

Experience the oldest desert on Earth


The Namib Desert is 55 million years old exactly – to put this figure in perspective, on a timeline it would come 10 million years later than the dinosaurs’ extinction. Amazing, hey.

The ecosystem and the story behind the tallest and oldest dunes in the world are utterly fascinating. We also guarantee that the terracotta-hued dunes also make some of the most impressive travel photos you’ll ever take on a holiday. Little Kulala or the &Beyond Sossuvlei Desert Lodge make great bases from which you can explore the desert.

Wildlife encounters in Etosha National Park


Come up close and personal with the wildlife at one of the popular waterholes in the Etosha National Park. You can stay on a private concession a stone’s throw from Etosha and indulge in the comfort of a luxury lodge-like Little Ongava – a great choice for a luxury safari holiday.

Marvel at the ethereal landscapes


The oft-described stark, Moon-like landscapes of Namibia usually refer to the dry and rugged area of Damaraland. Home to geological gems, a UNESCO World Heritage site and desert-adapted wildlife including lions, elephants and rhinos, we’d recommend spending at least three or four nights stay in Damaraland to make the most of it.

Reconnect through bespoke experiences


If you’re well-travelled, then you’ll love the choice of luxury bespoke experiences we offer in Namibia. Some of our favourite experiences include exploring the shipwrecks scattered along the Skeleton Coast or tracking rhinos on foot from Desert Rhino Camp. Or, you can soar high in the sky in a hot air balloon for a bird’s eye of the dunes rippling through the Namib Desert or kayak among Cape fur seals and dolphins off Pelican Point. Namibia’s local life is just as incredible as its landscapes and you can meet some of northern Namibia’s last remaining semi-nomad tribes or enjoy something as simple as tucking into a German pasty while strolling through the quirky town of Swakopmund.

End the day with night skies as you’ve never seen before. Stargazing in Sossusvlei will afford you the opportunity to marvel at incredible views of the Milky Way and then fall sleeping to the sounds of the African bush. The low population of Namibia also means there is virtually no light pollution, so much so that the NamibRand Nature Reserve is a certified Dark Sky Reserve.