At SevenTravel, your health and safety is of the utmost importance to us. We are committed to making your trip as safe and comfortable as possible. We work closely with our hotels and partners to seek out and provide you with the latest information in the destinations, which we travel to. All destinations and countries have differing local regulations and differing safety standards which may differ from what you may be used to. Even if you are well travelled to many countries, we would ask you to read the following advice. We do recommend that you conduct some research into the country you are traveling to and if you have any questions about the below guidance or your itinerary, please contact your Travel Designer.

Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office advice 

We recommend that you check the latest Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office before you travel. This Government website will cover any aspects of travel including Covid-19 related issues. If on occasion, the travel advice changes which may impact on your holiday, we will notify you of these changes.  

Travel health advice

SevenTravel cannot advise specific health advice for your journey. Please always consult your GP or medical centre for the current medical advice to a country or either the following website is a useful reference point: 


Please ensure that you take a copy of your travel insurance whilst on your holiday and that the insurance is appropriate and covers any activity you intend to undertake. If you are involved in any accident or are injured this should be reported to SevenTravel and our local supplier, who can offer assistance.   


Each country has their own rules, regulations, and local safety standards, which may be different from what you are used to. We would ask that you always follow safety instructions, when given and wear helmets, masks, or lifejackets where appropriate. If your holiday includes interaction with wildlife, please remember that their actions can be unpredictable and do not attempt to touch or feed animals without proper supervision. 

Road & transport safety

We would advise guests to be aware of simple things such as crossing the road, particularly in cities as vehicles may not stop automatically at crossings, traffic may travel on the opposite side of the road from what you are used to and when crash helmets are not available for moped hire, we would strongly recommend you do not hire these vehicles.  

We work closely with our overseas suppliers to ensure that appropriate health protocols are implemented and use the highest standard of vehicles and drivers. When in a vehicle, always wear a seatbelt where provided, remain seated at all times unless advised not to and listen to any announcements. The use of seat belts in vehicles is dependent on the country of your holiday and it may be that some vehicles will be fitted with seat belts on every seat. 

Personal safety

Visiting a new city can be a rewarding experience but we would urge concern and always think of your own personal safety, whenever you are in a new destination. Always avoid walking in dimly lit areas, avoid carrying large quantities of money on your person or displays of valuable jewellery. Ensure that your room is securely locked when you go out, that valuables are in a safety deposit box, in your room or at the reception. 

Balcony safety

Please take care when using balconies, never lean or sit on them and supervise children at all times.  

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